With the “covid-19” shelter in place order, we would like to say that we work outside and can have minimal contact with you personally.  I can take pictures of colors against your trim and email/text it to you, along with the estimate.  Payment can be completed through email – by bank draft or credit card.

All of our work is outside the house.  Please help us as a small business help you get your seamless gutter work completed.  Don’t put off a gutter cleaning or an installation if you can.  As a small business we are completely at the whim of the market conditions.


Joann Rogers

Owner & Operator of Five Star Gutters & Services Inc, along with my husband, Scott and son, Mark.  We would appreciate your support.

Screens – Covers

The main question when looking at different leaf screens or a solid cover, is what type of trees are around the house and affecting the gutters?

Large leafed trees – it is easy to use simple aluminum leaf screen, this keeps out the leaves and seeds.  The more complicated trees are cedar elms, trees with very tiny seeds, lilac’s, and what I like to call messy trees that drop pollen pods or streamers that stick to the screen/cover.

We have a solid cover that comes in 4′ sections, like the one piece that is advertised on TV.  The problem with these is the little stuff can still get into the opening into the gutter.  There are some covers that have holes or slots in them that allow the water in and no debris.  These work much better.  There is an aluminum powder coated small hole screen that is very good for these messy/complicated trees.